Welcome to ESwaralaya Music Foundation
ESwaralaya means “ a home of music” – its walls reverberate with the musical notes – the saptha swaras as the students learn the beauty and intricacies of Carnatic Music.

Its “Naadi” is Smt Usha Srinivasan – an artist and a carnatic music teacher based in Bangalore, whose passion is to develop an appreciation for quality music in people and help develop the latent talent in the students of music, particularly youngsters.

Eswaralaya is classical carnatic music school in Bangalore, India run by Smt.Usha Srinivasan. Vocal Carnatic music is taught by Smt Usha Srinivasan in a unique format that has been designed by her to address the overall development of the students.

Students are taught both, the theory and techniques of singing as well as other attributes that enable to them to grow as individuals and musicians.

Students are taught the theory and practice of compositions of a diverse set of composers at both the basic and advanced levels.

Additionally, they are also familiarized with various dimensions of performing such as stage presence, handling the sound systems etc. This provides a unique platform for students to learn and appreciate classical music and also become confident performers.

In addition to regular carnatic music classes, workshops, vacation classes, projects and other collaborative programs are also held periodically. Workshops are conducted by eminent musicians – thus giving the students another forum to interact and learn.

Smt. Usha Srinivasan has also been involved in providing Online Coaching classes through Skype for students across the globe.

Another unique feature is the degree of involvement and collaboration between the Guru - Smt Usha Srinivasan, the students and parents of the students in the musical development of their children. All participate actively in the various events that are held. Additionally, some participate as part of the Parents Committee and the Students Committee. This participation give all the key stakeholders an opportunity to work together to achieve their common goal.

Eswaralaya launched the website on March 6th, 2011.  Contact us for more details.